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achteaufdieumwelt.de is an initiative by the German Association of the Tobacco Industry and New Products – Bundesverband der Tabakwirtschaft und neuartiger Erzeugnisse (BVTE). The federal association founded in 2019 represents and promotes the interests of the entire value chain across all smoking and vaping products as well as tobacco and nicotine products for oral use: manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of traditional tobacco products and new and reduced-risk tobacco and nicotine products. Associations and businesses of related industries such as tobacco cultivation, tobacco trade and retail, the advertising and packaging industry, the mechanical engineering sector, logistics, the trade show sector and other enterprises and their associations connected with the tobacco industry are members of the BVTE as well.




With the support of beach chair rental companies in Schleswig-Holstein and the federal state’s association of beach chair rental companies, pocket ashtrays will be distributed free of charge to beach chair guests with the start of the 2021 season.

Every beach visitor who rents a beach chair between Laboe and Usedom along the German Baltic Sea will receive a complimentary pocket ashtray for the responsible disposal of cigarette butts, if required. The first beach ashtrays were handed over in Timmendorf in September 2020.

Beach chair lessors



In cooperation with the company sauber.io, the BVTE supports nation-wide clean-up initiatives for collecting cigarette butts in public places. Using a handy vacuum cleaner is meant to facilitate the work of different initiatives.