I smoke –
and care about the environment.

It's pretty short-sighted to just throw cigarette butts and litter into the environment. At BVTE, we want to find a sustainable solution to the problem of cigarette waste and are therefore committed to raising awareness and changing consumer behaviour in the long term. Join us!

With our new campaign motif and especially with the distribution of practical, reusable pocket ashtrays, the BVTE wants to raise smokers’ awareness of the proper disposal of cigarette butts. Since September 2020, we have already distributed 250,000 pocket ashtrays. We provide a free prevention flyer to educate consumers, and we offer free downloads of various poster designs for public spaces. As part of the campaign we also sponsor collection bins for particularly polluted hot spots.

We at BVTE support initiatives and specific actions for a clean environment. But we can only achieve our goals together with you! Help us in our fight for a clean environment! Are you planning an activity or promotion and would like our support? Then you can contact us here.


During our campaign we always get to know interesting new initiatives and actors who are also strongly committed to a clean environment. There are also other interesting campaigns that are worth taking a look at:

„Our World is not an ashtray“
Campaign from Philip Morris International

„Klare Kante“
Campaign Isle of Sylt with support of British American Tobacco

"Lara Green"
Campaign Verband Swiss Cigarette

"Mission Mégots"
Campaign-Site in France

"IG Saubere Umwelt"
Clean up in Bern with support of Japan International Tobacco


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